First Quarterly Ed.D. Book Discussion Series; Pedagogy of the Oppressed


Dr. Matthew Witenstein is a postdoctoral fellow that teaches in both the Ed.D. and Masters programs in the School of Education. He states that his research tends to focus on the student development of immigrants in Higher Education, international student experiences and on comparative and international education.

Dr. Witenstein recently hosted our school's very first book discussion for the doctoral students and had this to say about the experience:

The inaugural Ed.D. Book Discussion Series was conceived out of the idea of having an ongoing series of out-of-class discussions on seminal texts that support the work of the doctoral program. The goal was to have these discussions be student-led and attended by Ed.D. students and School of Education faculty. Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire was the first book we focused on in the series. Amy Cecilio and Jorge Cecilio skillfully facilitated the discussion. We were fortunate to have this series co-sponsored by the Center for Educational Justice, which provided food and drinks. Also, the Armacost Library provided free online copies of the book.

The Book Discussion Series was attended by a number of students across Ed.D. cohorts and a couple of faculty members. The experience was quite enriching and we spent far more time discussing than we anticipated. It was meaningful to have students co-facilitate the discussion instead of it being faculty-led. Having opportunities for students to lead intellectual and critical discussions within the doctoral program is an important goal of mine. I want them to have opportunities to push one another and the faculty.

The next Ed.D. Book Discussion Series event will take place July 10th and will be co-facilitated by Lorraine Jones and Serena Straka. We will be reading the book Teaching to Transgress by Bell Hooks. We are thankful, once again, to have this event co-sponsored by the Center for Educational Justice and the Armacost Library.

We encourage all our doctoral student to attend the next series event to support your peers as they facilitate the discussion of "Teaching to Transgress."