Education Echo December 2017

Team Teaching

FAR provides professional development for undereducated teachers in rural Haiti. Teams from the School of Education, in coordination with For a Reason, have worked with over 100 teachers and 12 schools since 2015. Many teachers in rural Haiti have slightly more education than the students in their classroom. The program seeks to improve the quality of education children receive by educating teachers in both theory and research-based strategies. The School of Education was pleased to have the opportunity to strengthen our partnership with these scholars, as well as developing the leadership roles of Ceus and Celestin.

Bulldog Blog

The School of Education hosted two Haitian professors, in mid-October, as part of the University's scholar exchange program. Professors Herns Celestin and Eudras Ceus serve as coordinators, translators and instructors for the non-profit partnership program, For a Reason (FAR).

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Dr. Helena Stevens

Helena, assistant professor at Minnesota State University and U of R alum, shares how her experiences at Redlands shaped her approach towards giving back and social justice advocacy.
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Student Highlight

Higher education student, Joseph “Laken” Horton, pledges to give graduate students a voice by forming a graduate student association.    

Dean's Message