Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration (HADCS)

HADCS 301 The U.S. Healthcare System (1 Credits)

Review structure and function of the U.S. healthcare system including issues and forces shaping its future. Topics include need and access to care, insurance programs, managed care, costs/expenditures, availability of resources, and assessment/improvement.

HADCS 302 Healthcare Leadership Principles and Practice (3 Credits)

Explore the principles of leadership, supervision, and management within the healthcare system.

HADCS 303 Healthcare Quality and Performance Management (2 Credits)

Learn to improve organizational quality, effectiveness, and performance in the areas of patient care, safety, risk management, healthcare operations, staff supervision, regulatory reporting and compliance, customer satisfaction, and business results.

HADCS 304 Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics (2 Credits)

Explore the managerial perspective on effective use of data and information technology to improve performance in healthcare organizations.

HADCS 305 Healthcare Human Resources Management and Labor Relations (3 Credits)

Review of HR management practices in healthcare organizations.

HADCS 306 Healthcare Finance (4 Credits)

Examine financial management principles and practice in healthcare services, with an emphasis on accounting, financial statements, finance and payment systems, cash flow analysis, risk management, budgeting, and capital finance.

HADCS 307 Healthcare Strategy and Marketing Development (2 Credits)

Learn the role, function, and application of strategic planning and market development in healthcare organizations. Emphasis is placed on strategic planning, product/service development, and implementation.

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