Psychology & Sociology

Psychology (PSYCCS)

PSYCCS 100 Introduction to Psychology (4 Credits)

Survey of classic and contemporary theory and research in human and animal behavior. Topics include the bio-psychological bases of behavior, learning, cognition, motivation, developmental and social processes, and psychological disorders and their treatment.

Sociology (SOCS)

SOCS 100 Introduction to Sociology (4 Credits)

Explore the patterns and processes of social life by examining individual actors, informal groups, formal organizations, social inequalities, and social institutions. Become familiar with how social scientists approach research topics, analyze specific research pieces, and think critically about the world around them.
Numeric grade only.
May be offered online.

Humanities (HUMCS)

HUMCS 300 Theories of Human Nature (3 Credits)

Analysis and comparison of a number of major theories of human nature. Not open to students who have received credit for MGTW 310.
Numeric grade only.