Project Management

Project Management (PMCS)

PMCS 301 Project Management Principles and Practices (3 Credits)

Overview of project management processes and principles used in planning and monitoring project activities from inception through closure.

PMCS 302 Project Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communications (3 Credits)

Learn essential qualitative areas necessary for effective project management, including leadership, personnel and team management, communication, and strategic planning.

PMCS 303 Project Quality and Risk Management (3 Credits)

Examine the principles and practices associated with project quality assurance and risk management including quality assurance and risk management strategies, executing an effective quality assurance plan, and monitoring and controlling quality and risks. Project management best practices and standards are explored using the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

PMCS 304 Project Planning, Procurement, and Cost Management (3 Credits)

Learn the essential project management tools and techniques involved in planning and scheduling projects, procuring supplies and services, and managing project costs. Topics include collecting project requirements; developing scope of work procedures and documentation using work breakdown structures; conducting source selections; estimating and controlling costs; and closing out project activities.

PMCS 305 Project Management Practicum (3 Credits)

Capstone experience to the project management certificate. A practical and applied approach for review and reinforcement of previously learned project management skills, strategies, and techniques.

PMCS 600 Project Management & Process Improvement (1 Credits)

Develop a systems-based approach to project management and process improvement. Understand how PM tools may be utilized to plan, schedule, budget and deliver excellent projects. Identify how to improve processes within the areas you manage and supervise. Topics include project management principles and continuous process improvement.