Practice Development Certificate for Mental Health Professionals

$995 per class / $4,975 for certificate 

This program teaches mental health professionals the business skills needed to create, develop and manage a mental health practice. You will learn basic business skills and knowledge concerning entrepreneurship, financial management, practice management and marketing. These skills will then be applied to the specifics of running a productive and ethical mental health practice. The 7-week courses are designed so that a mental health professional can take them individually or as part of the larger package (earning a certificate for the program). Completing each course will earn 21 hours of continuing education credit. The courses are offered on-line. A value-added feature in each of the courses is the opportunity to participate in a weekly web conference with the instructor.

The Practice Institute (TPI) members receive a 20 percent discount for each class in this certificate.
To enroll, TPI members should contact Renee Castruita, Accounts Receivable Specialist, Student Financial Services
at (909) 748-8183 to enroll. 

Courses may be taken in any order.

Required courses:

EDUCCS 610: Entrepreneurship and Niche Practices for Mental Health Professionals Learn concepts and strategies of entrepreneurship in creating, developing, and enhancing a private practice in a mental health setting.  Topics include identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in developing niche practices, developing business models, marketing, ethical and legal issues in establishing a practice, and setting up operations.

EDUCCS 611 Ethics and Risk Management in the Business of Private Practice Students learn to anticipate the ethical and regulatory compliance issues that are especially salient for mental health professionals in private practice, including especially those that arise in starting a practice, in clinical practice, in practice administration, in billing and financial management, and in staff training and marketing.

EDUCCS 612 Practice Finances for Mental Health Professionals Students learn concepts and strategies necessary for managing finances in independent practice. Topics include key terminology, exercising fiduciary responsibility, attitudes toward money and the effects on those attitudes, financial metrics, using practice dashboards, compensation systems, fee setting, and creating a financial action plan.

EDUCCS 613 Practice Management for Mental Health Professionals This course addresses the knowledge and skills needed to run a mental health practice as a business entity and to manage that practice with intentionality. It emphasizes data-driven decision-making, strategic planning, and the development of customized practice business plans. 

EDUCCS 614 Ethical Marketing for Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice Learn concepts and strategies of ethical marketing for mental health professionals in independent practice. Topics include understanding of what constitutes ethical marketing for independent practice, how to connect with referral partners and ideal clients, and marketing via person-to-person contact, print, websites, blogs and social media.  



Continuing Education:  The Practice Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Practice Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

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