Marketing Fact Sheet

As an open enrollment program, the Marketing Certificate has no formal admission or application requirements. You may pursue a single course in the program or progress through the program in sequence. The program is flexible in that you may begin with any course.

To gain a broad understanding of core marketing principles, the Marketing Principles course provides a good conceptual understanding of marketing theories and practices. The other courses provide specific insights into segments of the marketing process including research, analytics, integrated communication strategies, customer experience management, and Internet and social media marketing.

You may benefit from the program if you are new to marketing; have worked in one area of marketing and want to better understand other areas; or you have worked in a variety of marketing positions but you have never pursued formal education and training. The program's flexibility is such that it is well suited to meet a wide range of professional needs.

Advisory Committee

Members of the Marketing Advisory Committee come from private and public organizations. The role of the Advisory Committee is to help shape the curriculum, lead the development of future offerings, identify trends in the discipline, expand partnership opportunities with organizations and professional associations, identify adjunct faculty and guest speakers to teach in the program, mentor students and expand the University's reach to new audiences.

Teaching Excellence

Following the University's decades-long tradition in professional business education, the Marketing Certificate program is staffed by practitioner faculty who combine years of professional expertise with the ability to teach and train others. Faculty are continually reviewed by students and administration to ensure they provide the most up-to-date and relevant information in the field. Faculty must have a graduate degree, usually in management or a related field and a commitment to continuing education in marketing.

Academic Credit

Courses offer full academic credit, and students may be able to apply these units toward an undergraduate or graduate degree at most colleges and universities. All degree programs have unique requirements, so students are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor at their home institution to ensure the applicability of the program to their degree.

For information, contact or 909-748-8868.