Music (MUSCS)

MUSCS 100 Experiencing Music (4 Credits)

Exploration of sound—its sources, effects and organization—with emphasis on direct involvement through listening. Music of major styles and periods is introduced with emphasis on Western music. Students develop and become familiar with music technology.

MUSCS 120 Digital Audio Production (3 Credits)

This course provides students with experience in digital editing using computers and software.

MUSCS 121 Intermediate Digital Audio Production Using Pro Tools (3 Credits)

This serves as the second course in the training curriculum targeting User Certification. The 100-level coursework prepares students to operate a Pro Tools system in an independent production environment. Following completion of the User Certification coursework and certification exam, students can proceed to the 200-level courses to pursue Operator Certification.

MUSCS 130 Introduction to Jazz History (4 Credits)

History of jazz, including its origins, the musical characteristics of major styles, and the leadership during key periods. Emphasis on developing critical listening skills, the contributions of specific cultures and individuals,  and understanding commercial, technological, political, and social influences on the evolution of styles.