Natural Sciences Through Living Laboratories

SCIBCS 201 (3 credits)

Exploration of the principles and methodology of astronomy, marine biology, natural history, and ecology to understand the natural environment. Students may utilize campus-based facilities and field sites throughout southern California as laboratories.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

1.            Apply the language, materials, and techniques of the natural sciences

2.            Operate the instrumentation of the natural sciences

3.            Analyze and evaluate the natural sciences in the world around them by examining scientifically their own geographic region

4.            Apply scientific research and reporting skills, working independently and in groups

5.            Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate new learning in written work

6.            Apply critical thinking skills through the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of course topics

7.            Take and transcribe scientific field notes and write scientific research paper


•              The principles and methodology of astronomy

•              The principles and methodology of marine biology

•              The principles and methodology of natural history

•              The principles and methodology of ecology

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