Fundamentals of Competency-Based Supervision


This course prepares mental health professionals in the practice of competency-based clinical supervision.  They will learn to use a competency framework to enhance their professional supervision practice to foster supervisees’ development.  Topics include supervision best practices, relationships, multicultural issues, assessment, feedback, gatekeeping, and legal and ethical practices.                        

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  1. Provide supervision that is informed by a competency-based model.
  2. Demonstrate multicultural competence, both in interactions with supervisees and in helping supervisees in their work with clients.
  3. Develop and maintain a supervisory relationship that optimizes supervisee learning.
  4. Recognize ethical issues as they present themselves in supervision and apply ethical reasoning to resolve them.
  5. Engage in evaluation and gatekeeping practices that are effective in balancing the supervisor’s responsibilities to the supervisee, to the clients the supervisee is serving, and to the larger public.


Students will demonstrate their learning by:

  • Being able to recognize (and avoid engaging in) inadequate or harmful supervision
  • Being multiculturally responsive to supervisees and the clients they serve
  • Negotiate the sometimes-complex legal and ethical terrain of supervision
  • Supervise a person from another professional discipline
  • Use video recordings and other methods of direct observation in their supervision
  • Use data from Routine Outcome Monitoring to provide effective performance feedback to supervisees
  • Deliver effective performance feedback and conduct supervisee evaluations
  • Enact gatekeeping functions as necessary
  • Help supervisees recognize and manage countertransference
  • Help supervisee recognize and resolve strains and ruptures that occur in the supervisory relationship
  • Use triadic and group formats of supervision effectively
  • Evaluate the supervisory process and respond to what that evaluation reveals

Sections and Instructors

Section Instructor Dates
EDUCCS-500-ON01 Rodney Goodyear Tuesday 1-3PM
EDUCCS-500-ON02 Carol Falender Wednesday 2-4PM
EDUCCS-500-ON03 Theodore Burnes Monday 8-10AM
EDUCCS-500-ON05 Changming Duan Tuesday 9-11AM
EDUCCS-500-ON06 Lisa Ferdinand Tuesday 9-11AM
EDUCCS-500-ON07 Michael Ellis Thursday 10AM-12PM
EDUCCS-500-ON08 Karen Enyedy Tuesday 1-3PM
EDUCCS-500-ON09 Heidi Hutman Tuesday 8-10AM
EDUCCS-500-ON10 Arpana Inman Monday 10AM-12PM
EDUCCS-500-ON11 Sarah Nolan Monday 1-3PM
EDUCCS-500-ON13 Tamara Tribitt Monday 10AM-12PM
EDUCCS-500-ON14 Yuying Tsong Thursday 3-5PM
EDUCCS-500-ON15 Heidi Zetzer Thursday 8-10AM

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