Creative Photography

ARTCS 265 (4 credits)

Introduction to the technical and conceptual practice of photography and photographic image making for artistic purposes. Using the most overwhelmingly popular method of digital photography—the smartphone camera—students will produce original work in response to a series of lectures, online discussions, readings, and assignments.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify, analyze, and create images with a technical understanding of form, contrast, light, and cropping.
  2. Assess contemporary photographic images and theories in culture, and articulate interpretations of technical, conceptual, and aesthetic qualities of art, photographic works, and articles pertaining thereto.
  3. Employ a working knowledge and understanding of visual light and how a camera functions to create imagery with it.
  4. Compose an artist statement that contextualizes their work and demonstrates successful navigation of photographic techniques and concepts.
  5. Examine contemporary photography's place in art, commerce, social media, and other cultural contexts through discussion and image analysis and interpretation.
  6. Explore and execute photographic ideas that engage with ways of seeing in contemporary photography, and distinguish their place in the history of photography.

Major Topics

Completion of assignments will form a working understanding of photography's place in contemporary and historical society as a commercial, social, and artistic medium. A range of aesthetic, technical, and conceptual applications within photography including artistic content development, documentary and reportage, portrait, still life photography and lighting will be explored.

Throughout the semester students will gain technical and conceptual skills through the lens of Photography in a fine art context. Assignments and projects will be presented via contemporary online forums, and all will be subject to class critiques and discussion. After several guided projects, students will work towards the completion of an independent final project to culminate the semester.

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