Accounting Ethics 301 (3 units)  Learn ethical obligations of an accounting professional. Examine the codes of conduct in business and accounting, with focus on the AICPA, PCAOB, and IRC. Includes exposure to the Triple Bottom Line approach.


Creative Photography 265 (4 unitsIntroduction to the technical and conceptual practice of photography and photogenic image making for artistic purposes. Using the most overwhelming popular method of digital photography- the smart phone camera, students will product original work in response to a series of lectures, online discussions, readings and assignments.


Search Engine Optimization 346 (3 units) Learn how to optimize website content for the best possible search engine ranking. Examine the theory behind Google search and other popular search engine algorithms. Demonstrate skills that can be applied to a career as a Search Engine Optimization specialist, digital marketing professional or online content developer.

From Beer to Eternity 150 (1 unit) Exploration of the history of beer and the burgeoning craft beer movement. Study of beer including its history, chemistry, biology, and physics, ingredients, brewing styles, industry, brewery operations, and job opportunities in the craft brewery industry. 

Business and Public Speaking 125 (3 units) Theory and Practice relevant to a variety of business and public speaking situations. Develop informational, authoritative, and persuasive presentations. Topics include active listening, audience analysis, research, style, and delivery of public presentations.

Excel Essentials 136 (2 units)  Learn common Microsoft Excel tasks. Topics: spreadsheet navigation and design, common functions and formulas, data interpretation and organization, application of basic business statistical methods, and tools, menus, and automated techniques. 

Introduction to Environmental Studies 100 (4 units)  Overview of the major causes and consequences of pollution, natural resource depletion, and loss of biological diversity. The primary objective is to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of our natural environment, the human impacts that degrade it, and the measures we can take to protect and restore environmental quality.

Personal Branding 349 (4 units) Examine the strategies, tools, and tactics of personal branding. Topics include : brand evaluation, brand creation, social media integration, online and off line brand management.

PMP/CAPM Examination Review 550X Four-day exam preparation workshop for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) Certifications. In-depth topic reviews of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), state-of-the-art courseware, and practice assessments.


Fundamentals of Full-Stack Web Development (Coding) Boot Camp 300 (8 units) Learn the fundamentals of front-end and back-end web development, including the foundations of computer programming, using some of the latest web technologies in a fast-paced format. Topics include: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Command Line, JSON, MySQL, and Node.js.



Theories of Human Nature 300 (3 credits) Analysis and comparison of a number of major theories of human nature. 



Experiencing Music 100 (4 units)  Exploration of sound- its sources, effects and organization- with emphasis on direct involvement through listening. Music of major styles and periods is introduced with emphasis on Western music. Students develop and become familiar with music technology.



Introduction to Religious Studies 100 (4 units) This class examines what religion is, the many ways scholars have sought to understand and study it, and the various methodological approaches they have chosen.

World Religion 125 (4 units)  By studying major religious traditions of the world, students will consider how religious traditions guide the way people live their lives in an ever increasingly diverse and religiously pluralistic world. Investigations will include both historical studies and the writings of religious traditions.

Religion and Popular Culture  189(4 units)This course examines what religion is, the many ways scholars have sought to understand and study it, and the various methodological approaches they have chosen.