From Beer to Eternity

BUSCS 150 (1 credit optional)

Take the course for no credit or earn 1 unit of undergraduate college credit.

Students will taste and touch as they explore the history of beer, and the workings of a modern craft brewery. Questions addressed include: What role did beer play in the development of early civilization? What are the main beer styles and ingredients? What role did Prohibition play in the craft brewery movement? Who were the leaders of the craft brewery movement? How does a modern brewery work? What are the job opportunities in the craft beer industry?

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of beer to early civilizations and human development
  2. Identify characteristics of main beer styles
  3. Describe the evolution of American beer and the craft beer movement
  4. Differentiate among various craft beer job opportunities 

Major Topics

  • History of beer and its significance to early civilization
  • Beer styles
  • Key leaders and breweries in the craft beer boom
  • Workings of a craft brewery
  • Job opportunities in the craft brewery industry

We are currently partnering with Ritual Brewing Company in Redlands. Classes will take place on Saturdays in the brewery, so seats are limited. Like a good beer glass, this course fills up fast!

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