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EDUCCS 115 Teaching Economics in the K–8 Classroom (4 Credits)

Introduction to concepts of economics for teachers in the K–8 classroom. Emphasizes the Economics Strand of the California History/ Social Science standards and specific pedagogies and strategies for instruction in the classroom, including creation of specific lesson plans of economic concepts.

EDUCCS 300 Introduction to Instructional Design (4 Credits)

Introduction to the core components of instructional design. Learn effective methodologies and principles suitable for the online, face-to-face, and hybrid instruction.

EDUCCS 301 Emerging Technologies and Instructional Design Tools (4 Credits)

This course will prepare students to explore, understand, and implement contemporary technology tools used to design and develop instructional materials. This course will cover techniques and effective pedagogical principles followed when using instructional technology tools in the development of training and course materials for face-to-face, hybrid, or online delivery.
Numeric grade only.

EDUCCS 302 Learning Theories (4 Credits)

In order to create engaging learning experiences, instructional designers must understand theories of learning, and how these theories intermix with ubiquitous digital content and social networks. In this course students with both explore and apply learning theories from traditional behavior-based understanding to emerging theories of social engagement.
Numeric grade only.

EDUCCS 303 E-Learning Instructional Design Concepts & Implementation (4 Credits)

This course will provide students the technical and pedagogical knowhow to design instructional materials for both face-to-face- and e-learning environments. Students will learn to evaluate, assess, and utilize instructional design software applications. The course will include discussions on various instructional design concepts, including evaluation and employment of specific software.
Numeric grade only.
May be offered online.

EDUCCS 331 Child Development (0 Credits)

Cognitive, cultural, emotional, physical, social, and language development of children from birth through adolescence; various learning theories and their implications for the timing of instruction and developmental implications for teaching the whole child.
Credit/No Credit Only. 

EDUCCS 500 Fundamentals of Competency-Based Supervision (0 Credits)

This course prepares mental health professionals in the practice of competency-based clinical supervision. They will learn to use a competency framework to enhance their professional supervision practice to foster supervisees’ development. Topics include supervision best practices, relationships, multicultural issues, assessment, feedback, gatekeeping, and legal and ethical practices.
Credit/No Credit Only.
Course may be offered online.

EDUCCS 610 Entrepreneurship and Niche Practices for Mental Health Professionals (0 Credits)

Learn concepts and strategies of entrepreneurship in creating, developing, and enhancing a private practice in a mental health setting. Topics include identifying and capitalizing on opportunities in developing niche practices, developing business models, ethical and legal issues in establishing a practice, and setting up operations.

EDUCCS 611 Ethics and Risk Management in the Business of Private Practice (0 Credits)

This course introduces ethical and regulatory compliance issues that are especially salient for mental health professionals in private practice, especially those that arise in starting a practice, in practice policies, in practice administration, in billing and financial management, and in staff training and marketing. Emphasis will be on practical applications.
Credit/No Credit only.
May be offered online.

EDUCCS 612 Practice Finances for Mental Health Professionals (0 Credits)

Learn concepts and strategies necessary for managing finances independent practices. Topics include key terminology, exercising fiduciary responsibility, attitudes toward money and the effects on those attitudes, financial metrics, using practice dashboards, compensation systems, fee setting, and creating a financial action plan.
Credit/No Credit only.
May be offered online.

EDUCCS 613 Practice Management for Mental Health Professionals (0 Credits)

Learn concepts and strategies of managing a private practice as a business entity in a mental health setting. Topics include understanding a practice as a system with subsystems, identifying and acting on core values, roles of a practice owner, data-driven decision making, strategic planning, and writing a business plan.
Credit/No Credit only.
May be offered online.

EDUCCS 614 Ethical Marketing for Mental Health Professionals in Private Practice (0 Credits)

Learn concepts and strategies of ethical marketing for mental health professional in private practice. Topics include understanding of what constitutes ethical marketing for private practice, how to connect with referral partners and ideal clients, and marketing via person-to-person contact, print, websites, blogs and social media.
Credit/No Credit only.

EDUCCS 672 Educational Administrative Development (1-2 Credits)

Individualized exploration of educational administration designed to reflect administrative trends and issues in education while current and topical.

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