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Background and Mission

The School of Continuing Studies extends the academic excellence of the University of Redlands to professionals and lifelong learners through the development and delivery of market-driven courses, programs, and services throughout Southern California and beyond.

Program Goals and Objectives

The California University of Science and Medicine – Leadership Academies are designed by the School of Continuing Studies to help participants develop critical and strategic thinking skills. Participants will gain a global understanding of how to lead within their sphere of influence. The academies will focus on the role of individuals in managing performance, building and leading teams, and working effectively within organizations. Participants will be equipped with 21st century leadership skills, competencies identified through scholarly research and interviews with employers in the public and private sectors as critically needed for success. Upon completing the program, participants will earn degree-applicable credit and a certificate of completion awarded by the University of Redlands.

Employing the concept of “learn it today…use it tomorrow,” this program will blend leading management theories with practical real world case studies and relevant work-related projects. Training elements and instructional resources have been selected based on the specific needs of the California University of Science and Medicine, the background and experience of the prospective participants, and the expertise of the instructors who will be teaching the program.

The Academies will be offered over six months. Courses are scheduled in a weekly format, so participants can apply the lessons they learn in the workplace, and then come back together to explore more advanced topics and further reinforce the lessons they have learned.

In total, the Academies offers eight units of degree-applicable credit. Academic credit encourages individual accountability and ensures rigor.

The program is built in three separate academies, each 8 weeks in length, starting in October 2021. While the intention is that participants will complete the entire six-month program, there are openings for participants to enter and exit the program at various points along the way.

The modular nature of the program also allows flexibility to adjust program components based on the needs of the participants. If the program moves too quickly or too slowly, individual modules, assignments or learning objectives may be revised.


Fall 2021 - October 25 to December 19

BUSCS 320 Managing Individual Performance (3 Credits)

Explore the roles and responsibilities of supervisors and managers in developing, monitoring, and managing performance standards. Topics include motivation, goal setting, supervisory excellence, communication skills, reward systems, vision, and values.        

Winter 2022 - January 10 to March 6

BUSCS 322 Leading and Managing Teams (3 Credits)

Examine how effective teams are led and managed even when you may not have direct authority over team members. Understand hierarchies, team dynamics, managing expectations, coaching, mentoring, aligning teams with organizational goals, and communication.

Spring 2022 - March 7 to May 1

BUSCS 323 Managing and Resolving Conflict (2 Credits)

Develop effective conflict management skills. Learn how and when conflicts arise and identify approaches to manage conflicts with subordinates, peers, and supervisors. Know how to engender goodwill and develop win-win conflict management tactics.


University of Redlands 

Amy Moff Hudec, Ph.D.

Director, School of Continuing Studies

1200 E. Colton Ave, Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 748-8863 (office)

(951) 217-3273 (cell)

Course Registration

Please find the CUSM courses listed below and add them to your cart. Once in the cart, you can use the code provided to you in your welcome email (you will not be charged for the courses). If you cannot find that information, please let Amy Moff Hudec or Louise Bordo know and we will provide it. If you have any trouble with the registration process, contact Amy directly at or 909.748.8863.

Once you are registered for the courses, you will be sent several follow up emails that will instruct you on how to access MyRedlands, email, and moodle. All three courses will utilize these services to help in the facilitation of the course. 

An orientation video will be posted soon to help you navigate our systems as you prepare for your upcoming courses. 

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