Creative Photography (ARTCS 265)

4 Credits

Explore photography’s place in contemporary and historical society as a commercial, social, and artistic medium. Using the leading method of digital photography—the smartphone camera—students produce original work in response to a series of lectures, online discussions, readings, and assignments.

You’ll discover how to:

• Identify, analyze, and create images with a technical understanding of form, contrast, light, and cropping

• Assess contemporary photographic images and theories in culture

• Articulate interpretations of technical, conceptual, and aesthetic qualities of art and photographic works

• Employ a working knowledge and understanding of visual light and how a camera creates imagery with it

• Compose an artist statement that contextualizes your work

• Execute photographic ideas that distinguish their place in the history of photography

• Examine contemporary photography's place in art, commerce, social media, and other cultural contexts through discussion and image analysis and interpretation

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