Business Location Analytics Certificate

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Location analytics is becoming increasing more important in pinpointing information in customer behavior, operations, distribution/logistics, marketing, and many other critical business areas.

Master the business of “where” with a graduate certificate that focuses on using GIS to achieve business success. In this three-course online certificate you will learn how leading organizations deploy location analytics to digitally transform the enterprise, and gain customer insights, manage risk, and expand the business. Develop technical skills in location analytics and spatial storytelling that can improve business decision-making and positively impact society.

In response to a growing and unmet need for analytics professionals who know how to leverage spatial data, the University of Redlands created this certificate for mid- to senior-level professionals, business strategists, and technical analysts in the private sector. The curriculum blends knowledge of business, strategy, and analytics with an appropriate amount of hands-on GIS skills. Students will learn the value of collecting, visualizing, interpreting, and analyzing complex location data to aid organizational decision-making, identify new revenue streams and achieve competitive advantage. This certificate will accelerate career growth of its participants and enable them to add value to their organizations.

Program Features

  • Take three online courses around your schedule
  • Learn from faculty with academic and professional experience in GIS including faculty with experience working at Esri, the global leader in geospatial software and technology
  • Improve your career prospects and knowledge for your current and next position
  • Expand your professional network
  • Access extensive Esri resources through the UR-Esri Spatial Business Initiative

Required Courses

This three-course graduate certificate is designed to provide mid-level to senior professionals with an introductory overview of and basic skills in business location analytics to increase organizational value and effectiveness. The curriculum highlights how to answer business questions and build effective spatial business strategies to achieve organizational objectives using location analytics.

Students will learn the importance of examining and predicting business patterns and trends to derive location intelligence that can aid organizations to minimize business disruption, enhance customer experience, and ensure sustainable business growth.


Business Location Analytics: Foundations and Value Creation

This course provides an introduction and conceptual overview of spatial business, and ties GIS applications to business decision-making. It is underpinned by the concept of the location value chain and makes the case for deployment of GIS and location analytics in business, driven by problems arising in business domains such as marketing, sales, operations, R&D, and supply chains. (3 credits, 6 weeks)

Business Location Analytics: Problems, Insights, and Solutions

 This course introduces students to hands-on applications of GIS and location analytics, using Esri’s industry-leading web-GIS platform ArcGIS Online. Focus is on location analytics and decision-making for understanding customers, expanding the business, and managing risk—such as how GIS has played a visible and strategic role in addressing business disruption due to the 2020 pandemic.  (4 credits, 8 weeks)

Business Location Analytics: Competitive Spatial Strategies

This course focuses on GIS as a driver of differentiated business strategy that informs decisions and actions from the C-suite on to managers and analysts in a coherent and consistent fashion. Spatial storytelling is a distinguishing aspect of this course.  (3 credits, 6 weeks)