Why Black Justice?

We at the University of Redlands recognize the need for continued action around the issue of racial injustice. This project in Racial Justice, which will eventually be a four course certificate program, will allow us to contribute to the healing of our university campus and the Redlands community. 

We hope that you'll consider joining us in this inaugural course, Anti-Racism, to begin to learn about the history of racism in this nation and to be part of the healing process.

Who Should Join Us?

  • CAS students
  • Johnston students
  • Graduate Students
  • Local Community Members
  • Alumni and friends living anywhere in the world
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone who is interested in having real conversations about race in America.

Discounts and Scholarships:

Discounts and scholarships are available. Please reach out to our director, Amy Moff Hudec, at amy_moffhudec@redlands.edu or 909-748-8863 to learn about these possibilities. 




This course will give students the opportunity to develop and strengthen skills in learning and discussing the history of racism in America, how it presents in America today, and practical steps towards decriminalizing Blackness, and becoming an Antiracist country. Learners can use this course to devise methods to critically understand racism, effective address it, and overcome violence and complacency within racist structures.

Instructor: Alesha Knox

Need more information? 

Please contact Amy Moff Hudec with any questions at amy_moffhudec@redlands.edu or at 909-748-8863.