Art & Media


ARTCS 105 Introduction to Media Design (4 Credits)

Overview of what goes into the visual inception, creation, and design of a brand’s identity, with the primary objective being a comprehension of fundamental graphic design. By understanding distinctions of graphic design, a rational creative process can be derived to make sound visual decisions for a brand’s identity solution.

ARTCS 131 Drawing (4 Credits)

This is an introductory studio course that focuses on traditional techniques, materials and processes of drawing. Through the basic observation of still life, landscape, and portraiture, the student will learn how the elements and principles of design can be developed in their own drawings to promote personal expression and understanding. Emphasis is placed on composition, mark making, and interpretative drawing.

ARTCS 155 Introduction to Printmaking (4 Credits)

This course is an introduction to the basic strategies and techniques of lithographic, intaglio, serigraphic, and relief processes. Emphasis is on development of imagery and introduction to understanding command of print processes.

ARTCS 233 Painting (4 Credits)

Introduction to the materials and techniques of painting. Emphasis is placed on color, mixing and modifying paints, surface, composition, and the history of the medium.

ARTCS 265 Creative Photography (4 Credits)

Introduction to the technical and conceptual practice of photography and photographic image making for artistic purposes. Using a smart phone camera, students will produce original work in response to a series of lectures, online discussions, readings, and assignments.

ARTCS 267 Introduction to Digital Media (4 Credits)

Studio art course that uses the computer as a tool to create visual images and implement design solutions based in the fundamentals of 2D design and principles of color theory. Topics include composition, color typography, illustration, concept and context, and critical thinking for artistic and commercial applications.