Adjunct Faculty Resources

Who is Adjunct Faculty?

Adjunct Faculty (also referred to as part-time faculty) hold less than full-time appointments to teach or perform a service. Adjunct professors teach eight units or fewer per semester. Adjunct faculty must meet the same professional and/or creative standards and requirements as full-time faculty. However, the principal role of adjunct faculty is to teach, and evidence of teaching ability is a crucial criterion in the initial selection and continued employment at the University.  

Initial Appointment of Adjunct Faculty

Recommendations for adjunct faculty appointments are made to the appropriate Leadership Team of the School of Continuing Studies. Only the SCS Leadership Team is authorized to make an appointment. All initial appointments are made for one-course assignment. Subsequent appointments are made on a course-by-course basis on the recommendation of the SCS Leadership TeamTherefore, an adjunct faculty appointment contains no guarantee of permanent part-time employment or continued employment at the University.  

Responsibilities of Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct faculty are expected to perform teaching duties by following the University of Redlands and the School of Continuing Studies policies and procedures. These duties include instruction and any instruction-related responsibilities assigned by the SCS Leadership Team 

Adjunct faculty are expected to provide effective teaching, good representation of the University in public affairs and community activities. Furthermore, maintain good personal and ethical relations with colleagues, supervisors, students, and the community.  In addition, adjunct faculty are expected to keep regular office hours, respond to student inquiries promptly, and submit grades in a reasonable and timely manner.  

Authority and Reporting

The immediate contact person for an adjunct faculty member is the Associate Director for the School of Continuing Studies. Any academic questions or requests for educational guidance, direction, or assistance should be directed to the Associate Director or Adjunct Faculty Liaison/Mentor/CoordinatorIn addition, once the initial appointment has been made, any administrative, personnel, procedural, or supervisory questions can be addressed to the Associate Director.  

Official Correspondence

Once hired by SCS, adjunct faculty will receive an official University of Redlands email address. Adjunct faculty are expected to check this email account regularly while teaching. This email is the official means of communication between the University, the School of Continuing Studies, and the faculty member regarding their employment at SCS. Therefore, adjunct faculty are responsible for keeping their University of Redlands email account in good standing. If adjunct faculty are locked out of their account, they should call 909-748-8922 or email to re-enable their account. 

Additionally, adjunct faculty are expected to maintain current contact information on file with the University, including valid mailing addresses, and update this information when needed. 


Adjunct faculty will receive contracts electronically approximately one month from the course start date. 

The Department Coordinator sends contracts to the official University of Redlands, email address for each adjunct faculty member. Adjunct faculty contracts must be signed electronically and returned via email to the Department Coordinator. Questions about contracts can be addressed to the SCS Leadership Team and the Department Coordinator.  

Representing U of R as an Adjunct Faculty Member

Adjunct Faculty members may use their University of Redlands faculty title as a form of identification in their professional or academic endeavors and are encouraged to do so in presentations, papers, publications, and other creative or scholarly work. The proper designation is "Adjunct Professor," followed by the School of Continuing StudiesAdjunct faculty members should not, however, use their faculty titles to explicitly or implicitly claim to represent the views of the University of Redlands or to seek or solicit clients, business relationships, or other economic arrangements, or to advocate or endorse causes that are not part of their University-related academic assignments.  

Course Syllabi

The School of Continuing Studies requires syllabi for all courses taught at the University of Redlands. Therefore, adjunct faculty must submit their syllabi electronically to the Associate Director at the beginning of each class. To ensure accurate record-keeping, please name the document as a Syllabus (SYL), give the month and year (May2021), Instructor last name, and the complete course number (e.g., SylMay2021LastnameBUSCS320). All course syllabi need to be submitted to SCS no later than Monday of the first week of the course.  

Adjunct Faculty must include all the required elements and any optional elements listed on the SCS Syllabus Template.  


Adjunct Faculty must contact the Department Coordinator of any updates to course textbooks when they sign and return their Course Assignment Confirmation. Adjunct Faculty are required to provide the following information:  

  • Complete Title of Textbook  
  • Author of Textbook  
  • Edition of Textbook  
  • Publisher Information  
  • 13-digit ISBN Number  

Instructional Design Assistance

The School of Continuing Studies has a dedicated instructional designer to assist the faculty.

What does an Instructional Designer do at the University of Redlands?

An Instructional Designer at the University of Redlands has many hats. They work with programs to create new courses and degree paths, review and edit class content, and offer technical and pedagogical support to faculty.

How can I use an Instructional Designer?

  • An Instructional Designer can assist with questions related to the LMS (Moodle/Canvas)
  • Discuss how best to design an assignment to be accessible, aligned with learning outcomes, and connected to the modality.
  • Explore University technology and implement the technology into your course work.
  • Revise and review your course design to align with current understanding of Pedagogy and Andragogy

How can I reach an Instructional Designer?


One week before the course begins, adjunct faculty must have the course syllabus, meeting information, textbook information, and the first week/session complete. If adjunct faculty need assistance with Canvas, they can email from their University of Redlands email account.  

Moodle Evaluations

Weekly Moodle evaluations will be conducted by the Associate Director as early as two weeks before a course begins. This ensures that Adjunct Faculty obtain the support they need, and our students are receiving a valuable education. Two weeks before the course starts, we want to ensure that adjunct faculty access the course and log in. One week before the class begins, adjunct faculty must have the course syllabus, meeting information, textbook information, and the first week/session complete. Adjunct faculty are expected to:  

  • Two Weeks Before Course Begins – Adjunct Faculty should at the very least access the Moodle Course.  
  • One Week Before Course Begins – Adjunct Faculty should begin working on course organization.  
  • Week One, of Course, Expectations  
  • The course syllabus is published. 
  • Adjunct Faculty contact information available.  
  • Week One content is available. 
  • Meeting times and modality displayed. For example, will lectures be recorded? Will there be a live course? What video conference system will be used?  
  • Office Hours Displayed – If Adjunct Faculty do not plan to have a live lecture, they are expected to hold office hours at least once a week for at least one hour.  
  • Week Two and on – The course will be reviewed to ensure Adjunct Faculty are present and interact with students.  

If there are any concerns, Adjunct Faculty will receive an email with an option to meet to discuss best practices when teaching online, along with suggestions.  

Office Hours

Adjunct Faculty under contract are expected to keep regular office hours and be available to students as much as possibleAdjunct faculty must post a schedule and strictly observe the schedule for office hours. Adjunct faculty are strongly encouraged to allow flexibility for students to meet at alternative times outside of scheduled office hours. Please note that office hours are considered part of the regular duties of being an instructor at the University of Redlands. Thus, no additional compensation for holding office hours will be provided 

Course Cancellation

At the SCS Leadership Team's discretion, the School of Continuing Studies may cancel a particular course based on lack of enrollment or budgetary or programmatic reasons. If a course is canceled two weeks before the course begins, and course preparation has already started, Adjunct Faculty will be paid 5% of the stipulated salary if a course is canceled one week or less before the course begins, 10% of the stipulated salary.  

  • Direct Instruction – A Direct Instruction agreement shall be sent to adjunct faculty one week before a course start date when enrollment is two (2) students. Adjunct faculty will be paid $200 per credit per student.  
  • Course Cancellation – If enrollment for a course is below two (2), adjunct faculty will be notified one (1) week before the course start date that the class is canceled due to low enrollment.   

Absences from Class

Adjunct faculty are expected to be present at all scheduled class sessions during the course dates. However, adjunct faculty who find themselves unable to attend their regularly scheduled classes due to illness or personal emergency must follow the procedures below, depending on whether the absence was anticipated or unanticipated:  

Anticipated Absence 

Any anticipated absence from class (e.g., to attend a conference) must have prior Associate Director approval. Adjunct faculty must email the Associate Director at least two weeks before the absence.  

Anticipated absences should never result in class cancellations unless under extreme circumstances.  

Unanticipated Absences 

Suppose unexpected circumstances prevent an adjunct faculty member from making it to class (such as illness or sudden emergency). In that case, they must notify the Associate Director, who will know the procedure to follow. In addition, any special instructions for the students should be shared with the Associate Director. If sending an email to the class is possible, please copy the Assistant Director of SCS.  

Student Attendance Policy

Adjunct Faculty can track Student activity via Moodle for online classes and by taking attendance during in-person sessions. Students are expected to log in to the course/attend class regularly keep up with the course material and assignments. Students who fail to attend the first week of class or check in with the Instructor will be administratively dropped from the course on the first Monday of week two. Students are expected to be regular and punctual in class attendance and to participate in the class thoroughly. The School of Continuing Studies believes that students are primarily responsible for attendance and class participation. 

Adjunct faculty who have trouble contacting students and are not participating during the first days of the course should reach out to the Associate Director of SCS with the student's name. SCS will reach out to the student and or the student's Academic Advisor. If students are not responsive at all levels, they will be dropped from the course on the first Monday of week two.  

Administering Student Evaluations

The University of Redlands has the right to evaluate adjunct faculty. For each course, the Department Coordinator will set up Course Evaluations to be emailed to students during the last week of the course. Adjunct Faculty are notified via the "pre-survey announcement" as a reminder to encourage students to complete their course evaluations. One week after the course ends, Adjunct Faculty will receive an email with a link to Evaluation Kit to review the student course evaluations.  

Reporting Final Grades

Adjunct faculty are expected to submit their grades no later than two weeks after the course ends. All final grades are to be submitted via MyRedlands via Self-Service. Adjunct Faculty can find a step-by-step process via the SCS Adjuncts Teams site.

If you do not have access to this Teams site, please reach out to the SCS Associate Director.

If you do not have access to submit grades, please reach out to the Associate Director for assistance and guidance.  

Students who have officially dropped the class or have been administratively dropped will have a W posted in the grade column.  


The University CARE Team exists to help provide support and resources to students that are overwhelmed, experiencing significant distress, or possibly present some risk to themselves or others. If Adjunct Faculty notice any signs of risk to self or others, reach out to the CARE Team. This does not mean a student is “in trouble;” rather, a trained person will likely reach out to that student to talk with them and determine how the university can support and connect them to resources.  Similarly, if any student in the class has a concern for the well-being of themself or of another student, please speak with me individually or any person can make a referral to the CARE Team via this link.  More information is available on the CARE Team website as well.

Understanding Student Privacy (FERPA)

Students' privacy and educational records are a serious matter mandated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Faculty, administrators, staff, and student workers at the university are required to comply. Adjunct faculty are responsible for reviewing the guidelines and acting in compliance. Below are a few examples of "dos and don'ts":  

  • Do not publicly display student scores or grades associated with names, U of R ID numbers, or other personal identifiers. If scores or grades are posted, use a confidential code known only to you and the individual student. If a partial U of R ID number is used, do not use more than the last four digits. In no case should the list be posted in alphabetic sequence by student name.  
  • Do not put student work (including papers, exams, or lab reports) containing student names and grades in publicly accessible places. Likewise, students are not to have access to the scores and grades of others in the class in ways that allow other students to be identified.  

Copyright Laws

Adjunct faculty must respect the intellectual and creative property of all persons and abide by U.S. copyright laws. 

Required Qualifications to Teach for SCS

Typically, instructors possess a graduate degree from a regionally accredited university, college-level or training experience, and extensive expertise in the field. If you are interested in teaching, please forward your resume or CV with a cover letter to

More questions?

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Deborah Grijalva, at, or 909-748-8864.