About the School of Continuing Studies

Mission - A Redlands Education is for Everyone

In the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), we believe a Redlands education is for everyone. Partnering with each of the University of Redlands schools, the alumni association, corporations, and local governments, SCS offers a flexible learning environment at a fair price. Our range of certificate programs and general education courses are designed to fit the needs of any student seeking personal or professional growth—from professionals completing continuing education credits to curious learners looking to break into a new field. The School of Continuing Studies supports the Mission of the University of Redlands by
  1. Providing a personalized education that frees students to make enlightened choices
  2. Emphasizing academic rigor, curricular diversity, and innovative teaching
  3. Welcoming intellectually curious students of diverse religious, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic backgrounds

Flexible, In-Demand Academic Offerings 

The School of Continuing Studies offers a range of Certificate Programs that represent some of the most in-demand career fields. These programs offer immense professional development in a flexible format that includes online coursework and an average time to completion of less than a year. Students can also take courses prior to opting to complete the full certificate program.

Our General Education & Elective Courses can be applied for credit to an undergraduate degree for University of Redlands students. Students interested in these courses should consult their academic advisors to ensure applicability to their degree program. These exciting course offerings are also available to the general public who are seeking academic fulfillment as well. 

In addition to these two options, SCS also offers Custom Instruction, which are unique academic programs designed to meet the specific needs of an organization, including on-site training, workshops, and degree-earning pathways.

Student Profile  

The School of Continuing Studies student population is diverse with a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds. This establishes an environment where SCS students can broaden their perspectives, think creatively and critically, and build a supportive career network.

    • School of Business (SB) Undergraduates 40% of SB undergraduates enroll in SCS courses for degree credit, including concentrations or general education/elective credits. The School of Business student success team helps manage these enrollments.
    • Employees of Corporate Partners24% of enrollments come from SCS on-site degree preparation program (LAUNCH and Prep-Year). Currently, SCS offers LAUNCH online at Collins Aerospace and at South Coast Metro’s campus to various corporate employees. Most students matriculate to the School of Business undergraduate programs.  
    • General Public17% of our enrollments come from the general public pursuing certificates and SCS general education courses.  
    • Degree Preparation  Students with 0-18 units enroll in LAUNCH while students with 18-40 units enroll in Prep Year. Both programs are managed by SCS and help to prepare students for University of Redlands bachelor’s degree completion programs.
    • Workforce Development – 11% of our enrollments come from San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, and other counties that fund the completion of certificate programs for residents to rejoin the workforce.
    • Alumni, Employees, and FriendsA small percentage of enrollments come from the university's alumni/friends, including University of Redlands employees seeking professional development opportunities.

Core Values of SCS

Welcoming – We value a welcoming, vibrant, and safe environment.  

Collaborative Learning – We value learning through rigorous quality instruction, focused student support, and appropriate student activities.  

Agile - We have the means to provide the university and community with a quick turnaround with approval of coursework and certificates. 

Student Learning & Success  Ensuring students gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve their academic, career, and/or personal enrichment.  

Access – Providing opportunities to all persons who wish to participate and succeed in higher education through traditional and distance delivery formats.  

Continued Growth – Dedicating attention to new ideas that lead to higher levels of achievement for all stakeholders. Developing and delivering exceptional instruction that is tailored to a diverse student population.  

Social Responsibility – Demonstrate honesty, transparency, and clear communication with our stakeholders, our community, and each other. 

Diversity & Inclusion – Committing to a diverse and inclusive community that values, celebrates, and learns from our differences and in which all people are treated with dignity and respect. 

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The School of Continuing Studies at the University of Redlands offers a range of enriching academic opportunities that can broaden your perspective, refine your skills, and open up new opportunities.

To learn more about how SCS could help you achieve your goals, contact our team or info-scs@redlands.edu.