Leanna Hamilton is a dance and music education specialist. Her areas of focus include classical and contemporary ballet, contemporary jazz, modern dance, and traditional and contemporary piano styles. Leanna specializes in constructing enjoyable and creative environments in order to instill strong, technical knowledge and inspire passion.

In addition to studio and independent teaching, Leanna taught dance workshops with Redlands Christian School, as well as choreographed for such organizations as Cope Middle School and Trinity Church. Leanna is also currently a member of Intersect Dance Theater in Riverside, and has trained under such choreographers as Sofia Carreras and Mark Haines. Leanna also specializes in guitar, voice, and drums, and has used this skill in many religious organizations, including Crossroads Christian Church, where she held the title of Worship Leader.

Leanna currently teaches ballet through Dance Horizons Dance Studio and piano privately in Redlands, CA. She continues to look for opportunities to merge these two art forms together.