University of Redlands Haiku Hike

Shellie Zias-Roe, University of Redlands, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies; Lisa Benvenuti, University of Redlands, Center for Spatial Studies

Our sense of place, or the way we perceive our community, our neighborhood, our regions, etc., influences our connection to the world and our well-being. We make meaning through place attachment. Our experiences can shape our understanding of other people in the community and how historical or cultural influences emerge through the community. Dr. Zias-Roe encourages her students to spend time in nature, become aware of their surroundings, and to learn to understand the phenomena around them. She takes the students on a sustainability walk-about of campus to learn not only how the campus applies sustainable practices to the campus overall, but how the built environment can teach us. Dr. Zias-Roe also wants the students to develop a sense of place, to understand their community and the role they play in it.

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