Mapping Metal Music Across the Globe

Dr. John Glover, Professor, Department of History 

This StoryMap demonstrates some of the research and pedagogical uses of ArcOnline's new Map Viewer to map a geodatabase built from roughly 150,000 band entries contained in Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives.  The geodatabase is spread across more than 150 countries in six continents and encompasses a time span from the 1960s to 2022.  The geodatabase can be used to map variables such as band location (country/city), status, year formed, genre(s), lyrical themes, record label, and genders of members.  Each variable can be explored independently or combined with other variables on the same map.  Furthermore, additional layers of geographic information such as demographic and socio-economic data can be imported from ArcGIS Online and The Living Atlas.  A time slider tool can also be used to animate maps showing change over time.  The geodatabase had its teaching debut in the fall of 2022 in History 275 "Mapping Metal: A Historical Geography".


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