The Global Consultancy is the Best Way to Gain Real-World Business Experience

Kristii Krugel, 2022, MBA with a Global Business emphasis & Laura Krenek, MBA with a Marketing emphasis

The team, supported by Professor Allison Fraigberg, traveled to and consulted in Trieste, Italy this past January 2022. These 5 MBA students met with and ultimately advised a family-owned winery in the heart of the Friuli Venezia Giulia wine region.

This StoryMap chronicles their journey. From pre-engagement classroom learning and preparation to the challenges of travel in the time of COVD, through the excitement of the live consulting week, and culminating in the weighty responsibility of researching, and ultimately advising a real company. This is the story of how 5 students became a dynamic team. And while they will each tell you that the global consultancy is the hardest class in the MBA program, was also the most impactful personally and professionally.


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