Mappy Hours

Mappy Hours are a series of workshops and discussions presented by the Center for Spatial Studies during the academic year. The events are announced on the URSpatial list, which you may join by clicking this link. Follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram ( for updates about events, times, and locations.

Workshop materials are provided, below, as well as links to videos of the workshops (when available).

Date Title Instructor PDF(s) Video
February 3, 2020 Collector for ArcGIS  David Smith ZIP Archive Thumbnail Collector for ArcGIS Webinar Thumbnail
January 27, 2020 Survey123 for ArcGIS  David Smith Survey123 PDF Thumbnail Survey123 Webinar Thumbnail
October 2, 2019 Building Your GIS Competence with Esri Training Opportunities Steven Moore GIS Competence PPT Building GIS Competencies Thumbnail
April 2, 2018 Social Explorer and GapMinder Steven Moore
February 5, 2018 Graduate Programs in GIS at the University of Redlands Douglas Flewelling and James Pick  
January 29, 2018  Georeferencing Historical Maps with ArcGIS Pro  Lisa Benvenuti
January 22, 2018 Getting Started with Community Analyst and Business Analyst Online Steven Moore
January 22, 2018 ArcGIS Pro Introduction, Tips, and Tricks  David Smith Workshop PDF ArcGIS Pro Workshop Video