Continuing Student Housing

A new Housing Request Form must be completed every year by all current students.

  • Would like to remain in campus housing
  • Are not currently in SFTS housing
  • Are not planning to remain in campus housing due to:
    • Graduation
    • Housing eligibility expires
    • Move to off-campus housing
    • Eligible GTU PhD and GTU MA students who request to continue in housing

Important dates and deadlines

  • The Deadline for submitting a completed Housing Request Form is April 1st
  • Housing assignments will be confirmed sometime in June each year and sent to students via email
  • Rent for all SFTS campus housing units increases every July 1st
  • All current residents who wish to remain in campus housing must sign a new lease each year prior to July 1st

All SFTS campus housing-related policies and procedures are in the 2020-21 Student Handbook, Section 1.0 “Getting Settled”.

Complete a Continuing Student Housing Form and return it to the SFTS Student Services Office:

The SFTS Student Services Office communicates with students and residents primarily via email. Please be sure to check email for important and time-sensitive announcements.