Continuing Student Housing

A new Housing Request Form must be completed every year by all current students.

  • Would like to remain in campus housing
  • Are not currently in SFTS housing
  • Are not planning to remain in campus housing due to:
    • Graduation
    • Housing eligibility expires
    • Move to off-campus housing
    • Eligible GTU PhD and GTU MA students who request to continue in housing

Important dates and deadlines

  • The Deadline for submitting a completed Housing Request Form is April 1st
  • Housing assignments will be confirmed sometime in June each year and sent to students via email
  • Rent for all SFTS campus housing units increases every July 1st
  • All current residents who wish to remain in campus housing must sign a new lease each year prior to July 1st

All SFTS campus housing-related policies and procedures are in the 2019-20 Student Handbook, Section 1.0 “Getting Settled,” pages 2-25.

Complete a 2019-20 Continuing Student Housing Form and return it to the SFTS Housing Offices:

The SFTS Housing Office communicates with students and residents primarily via email. Important notifications and updates are also included in the West Wing Herald newsletter sent via email each Friday during the academic year. Please be sure to check email for important and time-sensitive announcements.