Leading from Within with Authenticity and Wholeness Retreat

Designed for leaders who want to be themselves and find their internal compass to be authentic and whole, this retreat transforms how we show up in the world through our professional, family, or community life.

We will explore our inner lives in solitude and community through journaling, reflective reading, silence, spiritual friendship, sharing, deep listening and open honest questions. Through this process of inner work in community, we can stand on firm ground from which we can lead others toward a more trustworthy, hopeful, and faithful way of being in family, community, and the world.

Based on the work of writer and spiritual elder, Parker Palmer, this retreat will provide opportunities to: 

  • Explore how to show up as our true selves
  • Reclaim our identity and integrity
  • Find ways to build a bridge between our identity and integrity as leaders and the work that we do in the world
  • Reflect on our daily decisions and how they reflect our values and commitments as well our wholeness and awareness of light and shadow

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  • Marcy Jackson, M.S.W., M.P.H., Co-founder and Senior Fellow, Center for Courage & Renewal
  • Daniel (Daeseop) Yi Facilitator, Center for Courage & Renewal


Trinity House 
University of Redlands, Marin Campus
Home of San Francisco Theological Seminary
26 Kensington Road, San Anselmo, CA 94960


Early Bird registration: $280
Must register by 1/23/20

Standard registration: $330
Must register by 2/23/20

We can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants. To reserve your spot, register early.


Contact Kristin Dableo-Martel, Associate Director for Enrollment, at 415-451-2831 or email kristin_dableomartel@redlands.edu.

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