Applied Wisdom Institute

Wisdom in action

The Applied Wisdom Institute (AWI) is built around the idea that combining wisdom, spirituality, and ethics is urgently needed in a constantly changing political and technological climate. It provides certificate programs for emerging leaders to apply their passion for social change to real-world projects and community action.

The focus of AWI is “Wisdom in doing, and doing in wisdom."

AWI delivers in-depth learning experiences that add spiritual awareness to your professional skill set. Through seminars, certificate programs, and conferences you will discover the power of community while expanding your knowledge base with tools to help yourself and others.


Investigate the deep career transformation that comes from mastery. Choose the program that fits you best.

Certificate in Mental Health and Spirituality

Designed for working professionals, the Certificate in Mental Health and Spirituality builds greater spiritual awareness that helps you connect with people of all faiths. Six synchronous interactive and immersive online seminars taken over six months first ground you in the connection between spirit and health, and then go deeper into chronic illness, bereavement, bipolar faith, healing and clinical practice.

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Certificate in LGBTQ Leadership

Designed for mission-driven individuals, aspiring leaders, teachers, and community activists committed to allying with LGBTQ communities, the Certificate in LGBTQ Leadership will connect you to mission-driven LGBTQ thought leaders and organizations while you develop the skills to ignite positive social transformation.

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