Migrations, Medieval and Modern: European Religions, Peoples, Nations, and Identities


Arrival June 16 - Departure July 2, 2023
Course dates: June 20 - June 30, 2023
Salzburg, Austria 


Christopher Ocker, Phd 
Interim Dean and Professor of the History of Christianity, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Assistant Provost, Graduate School of Theology

Wolfgang Schmutz, PhD
Faculty, University of Redlands Salzburg Semester

Course Description

What is European? In America, Europe is often thought of as a racially and culturally uniform block: racially white, politically secular, culturally Christian or post-Christian, scientifically advanced, economically privileged and domineering. This Salzburg-based course offers a different view, afforded by the medieval and modern experiences of migration. The histories of migrations in Europe highlight the continent’s dynamic political and cultural pluralism. The course examines human movement and the cultural and social identities this produced in Europe’s dominant religion (Christianity, in its Roman Catholic and Protestant forms), in the cultures of its past and present minorities (Jewish communities figure prominently here), in relation to the development and crises of nation states, and as a factor in European unification. We will study seminal moments in medieval, Reformation, Enlightenment, twentieth-century, and current histories. The course will include day trips in and around Salzburg, to other sites in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Germany (Vienna, Berchtesgaden, Enns, and Melk).

The course may be taken as a Graduate School of Theology (GST) elective, or, in the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), for undergraduate credit or just for fun as non-credit continuing education. Assignments are calibrated to each group of for undergraduate and graduate students. Non-credit students participate in lectures, discussions, and excursions, but have no graded assigned work.

Program Structure

Daily Structure of classes in Salzburg include lectures, discussion groups, tasks and activities in break-out sessions, local and regional site visits on most days.

Program Fees and Tuition

UR School Course Number Credits Salzburg Program Fee*


School of Continuing Studies (SCS) SALZCS-300-01N    0 $1750 $425
SFTS/Graduate School of Theology (GST) HS-3280-01    3 $1750 $2,319 ($773/credit)


*Program Fee includes room & board/meals, and transportation during the course. Does NOT include airfare and ground transportation to/from Salzburg.

Commitment Deadline

Our Commitment Deadline is March 1, 2023. Please complete the Expression of Interest RSVP before March 1, and we will send follow up emails with application forms.

*An enrollment minimum of 15 students is required. If the enrollment minimum is not reached, we may need to cancel the course. We will keep you informed by May 3, 2023.


Please contact Dr. Katie Baber, Director, Bildungsverein der Universität von Redlands