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Panamapping: Mapping to Conserve the Rainforest

Student manning a map drone

As the 16 undergraduate University of Redlands students tumbled out of pick up trucks and SUVs at the Centro Mamoní for their first night in the Panamanian tropical rainforest, they knew that had arrived at a place that was unlike anything they had experienced before. The heat and humidity enveloped them. Insects and hummingbirds buzzed through the air. The forest was alive with birdcalls and the barks of howler monkeys. Over the next three weeks, the students would bushwhack through dense thickets of rainforest to identify tree species and measure vegetative densities, fly drones to map a micro-watershed, hike watercourses and trails with GPS receivers, visit indigenous villages, and encounter torrential downpours, snakes, scorpions, and bullet ants. For most of the students, it was the peak experience of their lives.

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Mile High Chemistry: Understanding How Endocrine Disrupters are Transported to the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Chemistry Students in the Mountains

After taking a faculty position at the University of Redlands, Dr. Rebecca Lyons involved her environmental chemistry students in testing for trace pollutants in the lakes around Redlands. Largely “by mistake,” they found 4-nonylphenol (4NP) (an endocrine disruptor) everywhere.  Her search for "control" lakes with no 4NP pollution engaged undergraduate students in using GIS, chemistry, and statistics to solve a spatial mystery.

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