Esri Virtual UC 2021 Schedule

JULY 12-15, 2021

This year's Esri User Conference is a 4-day virtual event that includes plenary sessions, a virtual Expo, a map gallery, geography parties, and technical sessions. UC Registration Instructions.pdf

To attend all of the conference events, you must be registered under the University of Redlands' license. 


UoR Presentations

Corporate Social Responsibility SIG. Thursday, July 15th, 1:00 pm

Thomas Horan,  Dean, School of Business

“Corporate Social Responsibility: The Intersection of GIS and Society”. In the talk, Tom is touching on how GIS and location intelligence are increasingly guiding strategic directions of businesses in their CSR initiatives, and how business education at the Redlands Business School is strategically pivoting to meaningfully embrace key societal and environmental issues, as part of our evolution to a School of Business and Society.

On Demand Presentation

Brian Colson - Salt River Project: Cartographic and GIS Services, University of Redlands MBA Location Analytics

“Using GIS Suitability Analysis for Electric Vehicle Charging Locations”. Learn how SRP used GIS to figure out the best locations to expand their EV Charging infrastructure. The project will provide insight about how they utilized spatial data analysis with out of the box ArcGIS tools in ArcGIS Pro to combine datasets to establish the proposed location of an EV charging station. They will also provide insight into data utilized, spatial analysis tools, and how the results guided leadership to make informed decisions.

UoR Map Gallery Entries


Analyzing Active Volcanoes in Space and Time on Jupiter's Moon, Io. Morghan Montez, Mark Kumler

A poster illustrating the project: Analyzing Active Volcanoes in Space and Time on Jupiter's Moon, Io

Mapping the History of the NFL Teams. Lisa Benvenuti

This poster presents the history and movement of the NFL football teams from 1900, before there even was an official National Football League, until 2021. From changing names, owners, mascots, and cities, explore how and where your favorite team got its start.


'Inaugurating' Gender and Religion in Politics. Lillian I. Larsen, Emily Adair, Ayesha Morrishaw-Ashley

This story map explores the threads of gender and religion woven into the Biden-Harris Inauguration. Through the ‘map tour’ structure, students were able to fully explore the convergence of location, movement, religion and gender in relation to each of their chosen key players: President, Vice President, spouses, Senators, and more. What emerged was a rich tapestry of individual stories and knowledge of how intrinsically interconnected religion and gender remain in American public life today.

Segregation of Public Spaces in Redlands. Collin O'Connor, Isabelle Jacobs & Jennifer Tilton

This StoryMap tells the story of segregation in Redlands from the 1920s-1950s drawing on oral histories of Mexican American residents of Redlands. It traces the spaces and segregation and solidarity that emerged in a racially segregated city, where Black and Latino residents would need complex mental maps to know where and when they would be welcomed in the city's stores and recreation facilities.

Adams Historical Timeline. Lisa Benvenuti

Discover the history of the town of Adams, Massachusetts through this interactive StoryMap. The StoryMap combines maps, photos and information primarily from the Adams Historical Society Archives.


Esri UC Virtual Run/Walk/Bike 2021

"We are on a journey around the world. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to run, walk, or bike anywhere, any distance, anytime during the UC — and contribute to our goal. "   - Esri