Center for Spatial Studies Operations During the Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus (aka COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2) has challenged the University of Redlands community to operate in completely different ways. Not only must we communicate with one another remotely via online and social networking tools, we are also maintaining connections over great distances and different time zones. Fortunately, our mapping, data sharing, and communication technologies empower us to not only conduct “business as usual,” but also to share and learn in completely new and exciting ways.

Pursuant to University of Redlands policy, Center for Spatial Studies (CSS) staff are now working at home. Nevertheless, the CSS will continue serving the University by:

Coronavirus has challenged us, but fortunately we have the tools to continue learning, conducting research, and otherwise growing the URSpatial community. Please contact us with concerns and needs, as well as innovative ideas about how URSpatial can step up to contribute solutions to this worldwide crisis.