Professor, Spanish

Degrees: Post-graduate work, University of Madrid, Spain, 1992; Post-graduate work, University of Salamanca, Spain, 1988; Ph.D., Spanish, University of California, Riverside, 1970; M.A. in Spanish, University of California, Riverside, 1967.

Office: Spanish, Hall of Letters #110

Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30-9:30am, 11:00-11:30am, 2:30-3:30pm and Fridays by appointment

Phone: 909/748-8639 Campus Ext. 8639



Academic Interests and Areas of Expertise

The Jungle myth in Latin American Literature Contemporary Latin American Literature, Contemporary Peninsular Literature and Culture, Spanish Civil War, Mexican and Cuban revolutions, Women liberation in Spain and Latin America, and Hispanic Women Novelists

Professional Background

My main area of research is the Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a Nobel prize winner. I have written a book, "El mundo de Macondo en la obra de Gabriel Gárcia Márquez," about his novel, "Cien años de soledad" and his earlier works. As a scholar, I was thrilled to learn that my book on Gabriel Garcia Marquez was cited at length fifteen times in the footnotes in the "Cátedra" edition of "Cien años de soledad," considered the best edition published of Márquez's most famous work. He is by far one of the most studied and analyzed authors in Latin American literature. To be referenced in the "Cátedra" edition as I was is truly a highlight. I have also published an article, "La violencia en el Macondo de Gabriel Garcia Marquez," and presented papers about his works at several conferences.

During my sabbatical leave last semester I completed the first draft of my book on the Jungle Myth in three very well-known Latin American novels: "La vorágine" (The Vortex), "Canaima" and "Los pasos perdidos" (The last steps). I only need to write the Introduction, Conclusion, and footnotes and input the next draft onto Microsoft word and proceed to a final draft in order to achieve publication.

Another important field of my research is the recent increase in women novelists in Spain and in Spanish-America. I discuss this proliferation of women in literature and the exceptional quality of their work, in classes and at professional conferences where I have presented papers on the subject.

An important aspect of my research is the women's liberation movement, mainly in Spain, where I have had the opportunity to visit offices and other places dedicated to women's rights. On each occasion I visited Spain, last time in 2008, I have interviewed women who are in favor of radical changes, as well as those who favor the more traditional female values.

Courses Offered at Redlands

All courses in our curriculum except for "Hispanic Poetry" and many more that are not in our present curriculum


  • Summer 1992 Post-graduate work at the University of Madrid, Spain

  • Summer 1988 Post-graduate work at the University of Salamanca, Spain

  • December 1970 University of California, Riverside
    Ph.D. in Spanish

  • August 1967 University of California, Riverside
    M.A. in Spanish

  • June 1958 University of Havana, Cuba
    Certified Public Accountant

  • June 1954 University of Havana, Cuba
    Doctorate in Law

Previous Teaching Experience

In Cuba

  • 1962-1965 Mathematics and Physics in a technological School of the Ministry of Transportation (junior college level), full time

  • 1956-1962 Spanish teacher at Sanchez-Lebredo School (junior college level), part-time

In United States

  • 1972 (Summer) Claremont Graduate School, Lecturer graduate course

  • 1967-1969 University of California, Riverside

Professional Experience

  • 1959-1962 Ministerio de Hacienda (Secretary of Treasure) as a lawyer and CPA

  • 1956-1959 Tribunal de Cuentas (functions similar to the Internal Revenue Service) as a lawyer and CPA

  • 1954-1961 Private practice as a lawyer and CPA

Awards, Honors and Grants

  • 2004-2005 Mortar Board Professor of the Year

  • 2002-2003 Elected President of the Chapter "Poesía española del siglo XX" of the AATSP

  • 2001-2002 Elected Secretary of the Chapter "Poesía española del siglo XX" AATSP (American Association of teachers of Spanish and Portuguese)

  • 1999 (Summer) Faculty Research Grant

  • 1995 (Spring) Faculty in charge of the Salzburg Program

  • 1992-1993 Elected President of the Cuban Chapter of the national organization AATSP

  • 1992 Outstanding Teaching Award

    • King Juan Carlos of Spain Fellowship

    • Summer Research Grant

  • 1991-1992 Elected secretary of the Cuban Chapter of the AATSP

  • 1988 Summer Research Grant

  • 1973 (Summer) Faculty Research Grant

Publications, Presentations and Panels


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–La venganza. "Círculo: Revista de Cultura". Published by the Panamerican Circle of Culture, Volume XIII, 1984.

"El mundo de Macondo en la obra de Gábriel García Marquez."
Edit. Universal, Florida, 1974

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–Los poemas breves de Juan Ramón Jiménez y el haikü
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–La naturaleza y el hombre en "Los de abajo Norte," Amsterdam, November-December 1973


I have been presenting papers in professional meetings once or twice a year and sometimes three in the United States, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Professional Affiliations

  • Faculty Club, University of Redlands

  • Modern Language Association

  • Panamerican Circle of Culture

  • American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

  • Association of Cuban Accountants in Exile

  • Association of Cuban Educators in Exile

  • Association of Cuban Lawyers in Exile