Kathleen Silva

Professor, Psychology

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Larsen Hall
P: 909.748.8674
E: kathleen_silva@redlands.edu

Areas of Expertise

  • Animal learning

  • Behavior modification

  • Comparative psychology


Courses Taught

PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 250 Statistical Methods

PSYC 300 Research Methods


Selected Publications

Silva, K. M., & Silva, F. J. (2022). A behavior systems framework: What it is and how to use it. In M. A. Krause, K. L. Hollis, & M. R. Papini (Eds.), Evolution of learning and memory mechanisms (pp. 210-226). Cambridge University Press.

Silva, K. M., Silva, F. J., & Machado, A. (2019).  The evolution of the behavior systems framework and its connection to interbehavioral psychology.  Behavioural Processes, 158, 117-125.