Francisco Silva

Professor, Psychology

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Larsen Hall
P: 909.748.8673

Areas of Expertise

  • Animal learning

  • Behavior analysis

  • Philosophy of science


  • Physical cognition

  • Numerical cognition

  • Pavlovian conditioning and response forms


Courses Taught

PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 250 Statistical Methods

PSYC 439 History and Systems

PSYC 441 Learning

Selected Publications

Machado, A., Guilhardi, P., Caetano, M. S., & Silva, F. J. (2020). Rules of conduct for behavior analysts in the presence of hypothetical constructs: A commentary on Eckard and Lattal (2020). Perspectives on Behavioral Science, 43(4), 12 pp.

Silva, F. J.  (2018). The puzzling persistence of “neutral” conditioned stimuli.  Behavioural Processes, 157, 80-90.