Senior Theses

The following is a list of recent senior theses by physics majors.


2017 Superconductivity Matthew Barlow
  Applying Ancient Acoustics to Modern Architecture Megan Bryan
  Evaluating and Improving the Scanning Tunneling Microscope Larry Dang Jr.
  Development of a Digital Control for the Phase Contrast Imaging Alignment Feedback System Mickeie Hirata
  Optimization Techniques when Determining the Coefficient of Drag for Automobiles Brandon Kubick
  Mie Scattering Apparatus Pasha Marki
  Speed of Sound Testing of Nodular Iron Mill Rolls Benjamin McCaffrey
  Light Pollution around the University of Redlands Erik B. Mathison
  Mitigating Thermal Noise in Table-top Mechanical Resonators Fatima Min-Rivas
  Electric Ion Thrusters and the PEGASES Thruster Patrick Neville
  Optimization of Autonomous Recycling Shower Prototype Through Heat Loss Analysis Nicolas Pegnato
  Efficiencies of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells using Ferritin-Encapsulated Quantum Dots with Various Staining Methods Luis Perez
  Can you write simple Python routines to reduce CCD images? Jeremy Ross
  Comparative Analysis of Icelandic Volcanoes and Ionian Volcanoes in Galileo NIMS Data Sebastian Sabballett
  Literary review: Cloaking Sebastian Santoro
  Self-Healing Concrete Tyrone Sauls
  Deconvolution of IRTF Ground-based Images of Io Hannah Wernher
  Sound Over Troubled Waters: Noise Pollution in Prek Toal, Cambodia Amy Whetter
  PLA-Based, 3D Printed WiFi Antenna Jackson Woodward
2015 Studying Natural Ventilation Techniques with Computational Fluid Dynamics Kyle Bauer
  Automating and Calibrating a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Use in an Advanced Laboratory Course Spencer Fuller
  Aerodynamics and the Application of the Ground Effect Hal Gordon
  How Physics is Utilized in Virtual Reality Anton Hud
  Determining if Hot Hydrogen Dominated White Dwarfs Have Dust Disks Jessica Luna
  Brain-Computer Interface Using a Non-Invasive EEG Headset Samuel Marrs
  Graphene: Exciting Applications and Future Prospects Sean McDonald
  How Dark Matter Affects the Rotation Curves of Galaxies Antwain Morgan
  Micro-combustion Casey Peters
   Visual Analogs in Teaching Gravitation  Kevin Simms

Half- vs Full-Scan Modes in Proton Computed Tomography Reconstruction

Connor Whinery

Detecting Exoplanet Transit with Small University Telescopes

Erik Davies
  Quantifying Optical Image Quality using Ballistic Photon Properties in 10% Intralipid Media Rachael Hachadorian
  Investigating Seismic Engineering Samuel Johnson
  Age-Rotation Relations for Young Low-mass Stars Within 25 Parsecs Benjamin Kidder

Computationally Modeling Heat Conduction in Micro-combustor Channel Walls and the Effects in Flame Position and Stability

Freeman Levine
  Characteristics of Non-Symmetric Edge Flames in Narrow Channels Casey McGrath
  Parametric Equalization to Negate the Effects of Acoustic Transmission Loss Murphy Ryan
2013 Studying Defects in a One-Dimensional Lattice Francis Acquaye

Improved Models for the Modes of a Loaded String

Michael Garcia
  Sounds and Spaces: Designing spatial localization and room acoustic labs Amanda Nussbaum
2012 Micro-Combustion: Modeling Reignition and Hot Spots on Channel Walls Duncan Ashby

"Equal Strangeness": Time in Relativity and To the Lighthouse

Emily Poore
2011 Thin Film Deposition: Evaporating Metal David Anderson

Better Astronomy Through Robotics

Taniela Havea
  Applications of Muon Physics Michael Nadal

Atmospheric study of HAT-P-7b in the Near-Infrared

Nathaniel Rodriguez

Analysis of a convection origin for the Iapetus ridge

Emily Dahlberg

The Conductivity of Focused Ion Beam Carbon Depositions and the Josephson junction of (TMTSF)2ClO4

Liam Norris