I. Core (8 credits)
All majors complete
− MVC 101 Introduction to Media and Visual Culture Studies (4), usually before the junior year.
− MVC 201 Critical Writing in Media and Visual Culture Studies (4), usually before spring of the junior year.

II. History and Theory of Media Cultures (2 courses)
Relevant courses include:
− MVC 213 Sports, Media & Culture (4)
−MVC Visual Ethnography (3)
−ARTH 260 Space and Place (4)
−ARTH 326 Modernity and Modernism (4)
−ARTH 322 Renaissance Artists and Their Clients (4)
−ARTH 326 Modernity and Modernism (4)
−ARTH 328 After the Modern (4)
−AST 211 Contemporary Chinese Film (4)
−ENGL 114 War in Literature and Film (4)
−ENGL 250 Theories of Popular Culture (4)
−ENGL 311 Film and Literature (4)
− HIST 223 Anxiety, Race, and Empire (4)
−HIST 229 U.S. History on Film (4)
− HIST 273 Cyberculture and the Networked Society in the Information Age (4)
−HIST 320 U.S. Cultural History (4)
−HIST 324 Cold War America (4)
−HIST 328 Gender, Media, and U.S. Culture (4)
−REST 232 Representing Race and Identity in Film (4)
− Others approved by the director

III. Production (1 course)
Relevant courses include:
−MVC 202 Visual Storytelling (4)
−MVC 203 Screenwriting (4)
−ART 236 Beginning Photography (4)
−ART 252 Introduction to Graphic Design (4)
−CS 103 Introduction to Multimedia
−CS 223 Multimedia Programming
−Others approved by the director

IV. Capstone (8–12 credits)
All majors complete:
−MVC 395 Research Methods (2) in spring of the junior year
−MVC 495 Senior Seminar (4) in fall of the senior year
For honors students only:
−MVC 499 Honors Research Project (4) in the following spring.
Other classes are electives: Students may shape their course of study in light of available offerings and their own interests, in consultation with their advisor and the director.

NB: To ensure a properly interdisciplinary focus, students should select electives in at least three departments or programs.

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