Liberal Studies Program Checklist

General Graduation Requirements

You are responsible for consulting the current University of Redlands Catalog regarding graduation requirements and are responsible for monitoring your own progress. In your senior year, you should contact the registrar's office to arrange for a "grad check." The Registrar determines the general transferability of courses from other institutions and their application of fulfilling LAFs.

Major Requirements

All Liberal Studies core courses and the subject matter courses must be at least 3 credits and must be completed with a grade of 2.0 [C] or higher.  Liberal Studies majors are also required to complete a second major of their choice.

1. Liberal Studies Core Course

  • LBST 101 Introduction to Education (4)
  • LBST 201 Studies in Education (4)
  • LBST 301 Inquiry and Analysis in Education (4)
  • LBST 401 Senior Research Seminar in Education (4)

2. Subject Matter Courses

The following courses are required Subject Matter courses for the Liberal Studies degree.  The courses are the most appropriate choices for fulfilling the respective LAF/LAI relative to the state's teaching content standards.

  • MUS 118 Music for the Classroom Teacher OR ART 118 Art for Children (4)
  • HIST 122 American Civilization (4)
  • ENGL 215 Children's Literature OR any 200-level English course (4)
  • BIOL 107 Concepts of Biology (4)
  • MATH 102 Mathematics for Prospective Educators (prerequisite: MATH 101 Finite Math) (4)
  • CHEM 102 Introduction to Chemistry of the Environment (4)

*Course substitutions must be approved by the Liberal Studies Director.

Additional Recommended Courses
  • EDUC 331 Child Development
  • EVST 220 Physical Geography OR PHYS 103 General Astronomy
  • POLI 111 American National Government [meets California Constitution requirement]
  • HIST 101 World History to 1450 OR HIST 102 World History Since 1450 OR HIST 121 American Civilization I
  • PE 310 Instructional Strategies for Physical Education
  • PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
  • REL 125 World Religion
  • SPCH 110 Fundamentals of Speech
  • THA 140 Acting Fundamentals
  • Foreign Language - To be chosen by student

3. Second Major (to be chosen by student)

The course of study is subject to the guidelines set forth by the program in which the second major is taken. The second major must be declared before registration for the junior year.

Departmental Honors:

A departmental honors program in Liberal Studies is available for those who wish to pursue advanced undergraduate research in elementary education. Students must have a cumulative University of Redlands GPA of at least 3.45 to apply to the program.  Successful completion of LBST 301 or its equivalent is also a prerequisite to apply to the program. Applicants are encouraged to submit a thesis proposal to the program director by the end of the spring semester of their junior year. The deadline to apply for the honors program is the end of the fourth week of the fall semester of the senior year.

Liberal Studies Department Contact Information

Dr. Kathy Hickey - Director

Candice Maes - Administrative Assistant


Click here for a printable version of the  LBST major requirements.