James Blauth

Professor, Biology

James Blauth


Ph.D. in Plant Genetics, Cornell University, 1994;

B.A. in Biology, Dartmouth College, 1989


Biology, Hedco Hall
P: 909.748.8736
P: 909-748-8920
E: james_blauth@redlands.edu

Research, Academic Interests, and Areas of Expertise

Research: ecological restoration of disturbed desert habitats using native woody plants and soil microbes

Academic interests: plant biology, genetics, ecology, and scientific literacy

Areas of expertise: broad academic training and teaching experience in biology with emphasis in plant biology and genetics

Background Highlights

In spring 2009 Jim and his research team transplanted 60 seedlings into Cottonwood Pass in Joshua Tree National Park to re-vegetate and (hopefully) initiate ecological restoration of a disturbed desert wash.

Bachelor of Science Graduates

Many of our B.S. grads have gone on to excellent graduate programs or tech jobs, and could tell you about the value of their research experience at the U of R (summer and/or academic year) in preparing them for and making them attractive candidates for those placements.

A few of our research projects involve data collection in the field, with nice photo opps of students and faculty in the mountains or desert or on the ocean.

Courses Taught

First Year Seminar: Plants in our World

BIOL 107 Concepts of Biology

BIOL 131 Principles of Biology

BIOL 336 Botany

BIOL 350 Plant Ecology

BIOL 460 Research Topics in Biology

Johnston seminar or directed study once in a while.


Assistant Professor of Biology at Alfred University in Alfred, NY Fall 1994 – Spring 1999


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Awards, Honors, Grants

National Science Foundation - Research Opportunity Award, 2006: "Nitrogen Deposition, Mycorrhizal Communities and Competitive Plant Interactions in Southern California Deserts," $19,936

Merck•AAAS - Undergraduate Science Research Program, 2003-06: "University of Redlands," $60,000 (extended through 2008)

National Science Foundation - Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement - Adaptation and Implementation Program, 2001-04: "Integration of student-designed laboratories in cell and tissue biology," $58,083

National Science Foundation - Course and Curriculum Development Program, 1997-99: "Investigative Science at Alfred: How the World Works," $114,930

Invited Presentations

James R. Blauth, David P. Schrum "Integrating biology and chemistry, basic and applied plant biology in undergraduate research," Plant Biology Conference, July 2009

James R. Blauth, "From the Ground Up: Towards Revegetation of a Disturbed Desert Wash," invited talk, Harvey Mudd College, November 2007

James R. Blauth, David Schrum, Trevor Harp, Hannah Woolverton, Sean Guthrie, Jerel Garcia, Iyan Sandri, "Towards Revegetation of a Disturbed Desert Wash Using Native Woody Legumes, Rhizobia, and Arbuscular Mycorrhizas," Botany and Plant Biology Joint Congress, July 2007

James R. Blauth, Edith B. Allen, Michael F. Allen, "Nitrogen Deposition, Mycorrhizal Communities, and Vegetation Change in Southern California Desert," Botanical Society of America (BSA) Conference, July 2006

James R. Blauth, "From the Ground Up: Restoring a Disturbed Desert Habitat,"invited talk, Iowa State University Horticulture Dept., September 2005

James R. Blauth, David P. Schrum, Vinh Do, Benjamin Eroen, Phillip Fivgas, Leslie Lutke, Heidi MacLean, Heather Mitchell, Tiffanylee Tschann, "Exploring Woody Legumes, Rhizobia, and Mycorrhizae for Revegetating Desert Washes," California Society for Ecological Restoration (SERCAL) Conference, October 2004


American Society of Plant Biologists

Botanical Society of America

California Society for Ecological Restoration

Council on Undergraduate Research