Celia Burch

Graphic Design



My work as a graphic designer is rooted in a sense of play and exploration. I strive to create designs that are intimately detailed to encourage the viewer to look twice. In other words, those who seek will in fact find. I believe that the playful act of seeking and finding allows the viewer to build an emotional connection between themselves and the piece. I press for this level of connection in each of my designs. Sometimes it is an illustration where I insert a small detail, such as two tiny birds enjoying a cup of coffee alongside where two friends also sip coffee. Or a website in which hovering over something rewards the viewer by revealing a new image. The comfort of knowing that there is more to find, more to seek, lets the viewer nestle into the work and look longer and further.


Celia Burch is a graphic designer, illustrator, and web designer from Chicago. She started her design journey through illustration. Drawing provided her with a way to express all the thoughts she had in her head without having to say them. The weird thoughts in her head led to abstract and unconventional visions scribbled on paper. This process stuck with Celia as she developed her creative process; even now, designing begins with pages of scribbles until the right idea emerges. Through this process, Celia’s work becomes immersive. She strives to evoke memories with her pieces and inspire curiosity.