Blanca X Robles Altamirano

Painting and Drawing



Blanca is a double major in Mathematics and Studio Art with a concentration in Painting/Drawing. Being born in Mexico and raised in California, Blanca shares her experiences through her artwork. Growing up a in Mexican household Blanca mostly focused on her academics, while having art as a hobby. Even though her journey with art began as a hobby, she decided to professionally pursue art in college. She is inspired by her background, identity, surroundings, daily tasks and significant events. Blanca mainly works with acrylics but enjoys experimenting in different mediums. Within every work she allows viewers to step into her work and create their own connection or interpretation.


In this series of work I use specific objects to portray significant moments in my life. As a Mexican born and California raised DACA recipient, growing up my parents raised my siblings and I the best that they could in an unfamiliar place. As I grew up, I’ve created a home here with my family but sometimes struggle with my identity. By taking a step back, I’ve noticed that there are parts of my life that evidently embed my background. I became aware that certain things that were normal to me were seen as cultural to others. This is when I decided to embrace my culture by highlighting certain occasions. These occasions have shaped me into who I am and hold an important part in my life. They express my stance, my journey, and my way of living in different aspects that include religious, social, traditional, and political components. Overall, work allows the viewers to have a glimpse of moments in my life while reflecting and creating a connection to their own or my story.