Francisco 'Cisco' Rivas

Graphic Design


Cisco is an art major emphasizing in graphic design and a minor in chemistry here at the University of Redlands. He was born and raised in Los Angeles and originally came to college aspiring to be a S.T.E.M major. He began drawing at a young age with pencil and paper tracing superheroes and cartoon characters that were his favorite. He learned graffiti from his older brother who showed him style, lettering, and characters. During his time at the university, he explored many forms of art such as graphic design, digital illustrations/digital imaging, and ceramics. Cisco is also a member of the Gamma Delta Rho fraternity.

I am more of an "actions speak louder than words" kind of person. So I like to put my voice in my work and let the art speak for itself and myself.

I am inspired by my hometown of LA, comic books, music, movies and TV. I learned graffiti from my older brother and learned how to draw formally from school, both of these experiences led me to want to be an artist. I was drawn to the versatility of graphic design and how graphic design is present all around us. From something as small as a pin to a street sign or a banner that covers the tallest buildings, I want to be able to showcase my illustrative skills and creative thinking. I find art in the process. Seeing a whole piece come together to give a full picture to whoever is viewing it and that person coming away with their own meanings, is an experience that never gets dull for me. Art is an interpretation of the world and itself is also open for interpretation. I'm not here to say what is and isn't or who's right and who's wrong. I just want the people who see my art to ultimately and fully feel that their own interpretation is the right interpretation.