Maliq ChampionArtist Statement

Although I am a quiet person, I tend to create loud representations of myself. Art is a language that anyone can be fluent in and is subject to many different interpretations. I express this by placing artworks in places where they would not commonly be found. My first interest was to paint onto shoes. Shoes, in my local culture were seen as a symbol of status, so to standout even more I apply personality through art onto them. My passion is to help people have a voice through art and clothing the same way I found mine.

The art world is expanding, developing and growing exponentially as many artists are finding methods and ways to best communicate their own personal styles, but I feel a contrast in the way the fashion world is developing. In my opinion the fashion world is almost at a standstill as people are more hesitant to appreciate different approaches. I try and mix the two worlds not only in hopes of developing a new avenue in fashion but further expanding the territory in which art can be seen.