Redlands Four-Year Graduation Promise
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay an extra fee or tuition for the Redlands Four-Year Graduation Promise? 

No. There is no extra charge for the Redlands Four-Year Graduation Promise. 

Is there a penalty for signing the agreement and failing to meet the requirements? 

No. The University of Redlands will not penalize you for not meeting the requirements of the promise. You may opt-out of the promise at any time. Let your advisor know that you are no longer participating. 

If I don't sign up for the promise, can the U of R still help me graduate in four years? 

Yes! The U of R provides advising to follow a four-year degree path for all students, regardless of whether or not they signed up for the promise. 

Are transfer students eligible for the promise? 

We want transfer students to finish in fewer than four years. Please visit our transfer student page to review graduation requirements for transfer students. 

Can I change my major after signing up for the promise? 

Yes. If you change your major, you will also need to revise and review your new four-year academic plan with your faculty advisor or an Academic Success and Disability Services staff member.  

What if I want to double major or add a minor? 

Depending on the number of credits required in each program, this may or may not be possible. While some combinations are feasible in four years, others are not. Contact the advisor of your primary major to determine whether or not it is realistic to complete additional programs within a four-year time frame. 

Am I eligible for the Redlands Four-Year Graduation Promise if I am a student in the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies? 

Yes. Johnston students have a different process by which they identify an emphasis and develop a four-year plan for graduating on time. Johnston students will need to work with their faculty advisor and committee to develop these parts of the Redlands Four-Year Graduation Promise. 

What if I do everything I am supposed to do and still won't graduate in four years? 

If you meet all the requirements of the Redlands Four-Year Graduation Promise but you are unable to graduate because the courses you need are not available, the University will pay the tuition for any additional required courses.