Program Outcomes

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  1. Students in the Johnston Center, in collaboration with faculty and committee members, will produce a coherent contract, including an individualized educational emphasis with defined learning goals, liberal arts breadth, and a cross-cultural experience.
  2. Graduates of the Johnston Center will effectively practice negotiation, articulation and evaluation of individualized learning.
  3. Graduates of the Johnston Center will creatively integrate living and learning in various community settings.
  4. 4.    Graduates will creatively integrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and ways of knowing

Johnston students can:

- get a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science

- get their teaching credential through the School of Education during their four years or enter the one-year MALT (Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching) after completing their undergraduate degree

- get professional work experience in the Communicative Disorders, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and the Business departments

- get credit for unpaid internships