Life at Johnston


At Johnston, learning does not stop when class ends.

Informally, Johnston students and faculty can be found debating philosophy, listening to music, or reading favorite quotes on Bekins porch. Faculty and staff have offices in the dorm buildings. We share a coffee house, living rooms, and meeting spaces.  Students have closer relationships with their professors in Johnston—some work next door to student rooms.

Community Meeting

Once a week, we gather to discuss issues, make decisions through consensus, and distribute our community budget. Through our self-governance structure, Johnston puts on art shows, music festivals, open mics, film screenings, and invited speakers. 



Once a semester, the Johnston community goes away together for a weekend retreat to discuss, debate, and consent on community values and the ways in which we want to live and learn together.

Life in the Dorms

Community Assistants (known as RA's at other schools) are resources for both academic and personal needs. Each floor develops their own culture -- often with 'open door' policies, weekly brunches, or game night.

Buffalo Roam

Whether it's a class meeting at a professor's house, taking off for an overnight in Joshua Tree, or meeting Johnston alums at a museum exhibit in LA, Johnston buffalo love to roam.

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