Kathryn Green (‘76)
Palo Alto, CA
Profession: Writer and Philanthropist
Johnston Ephasis: History

"When I came to Johnston I didn't have much confidence in myself as a student or a person. At Johnston I quickly discovered that we were all peers and were treated as adults, not children, capable of formulating and defending our decisions about our education. That made all the difference for me. I had the opportunity to choose exactly what and how I wanted to learn. As a result, for the first time, I learned how to learn. Also, this was the first time I felt part of a larger community and I'm proud to say I still feel that part of it . . . Johnston also helped me to see myself as a responsible person in the world, supporting organizations and companies that I believe in. I've served as the president of a non-profit board, something I wouldn't have thought possible when I started college. My hope is that every new Johnston student takes full advantage of everything Johnston has to offer and that they're proud of their education. Raising a ruckus from time to time included."