Debbie Heap (‘71 and ‘86)
Los Angeles, CA
Profession: Financial Advisor
Johnston Education: Founding Student

When asked about what she values most from her Johnston education, Debbie replied, "Consensus building was the most valuable skill that followed me into my profession of giving financial advice. Helping clients gather information, evaluate various outcomes and alternatives, listen to their concerns, offer an informed opinion, and finally arrive at a mutually negotiated course of action is a process used daily in my career. It also means being unafraid to question everything, and unafraid to try anything until finding the right solution for me and for all of those concerned in whatever I am doing."

In addition, she also described the value of being a founding Johnston student, "joining the first JC class was a huge risk and a leap of faith. It was exciting to be part of something new, seeing it work, seeing it grow, seeing it evolve and endure. That gave me the courage to take other risks and leaps of faith since then, and my life has been richer because of the Johnston experience."