Eric Tepper, M.D (‘90)
Sacramento, CA
Profession: Physician--Family Practice
Johnston Emphasis: Personal and Interpersonal Human Understanding and Communication

Clary Tepper, Ph.D. ('91)
Sacramento, CA
Profession: Clinical Psychologist
Johnston Emphasis: Psychology, Women's Studies and Outdoor Education

What happens when an M.D. and a psychology Ph.D. get married? Psychology and medicine are wonderfully complementary fields and integrating the two has lead to myriad new advances. However, if the psychologist and the physician are both Johnston alums, the resulting integration of the two fields is likely to be anything but typical…More seriously, neither of us would have achieved what we have without Johnston.

We found the education intensely gratifying, our fellow students intellectually stimulating and the professors passionate about teaching and just as excited about education as we were. In addition, we shared a wonderful sense of humor and playfulness present at Johnston. We both feel incredibly lucky to have had the Johnston experience and hope that someday our children will have access to this same kind of experience. May the Johnston spirit-both the playful sense of humor and the intellectual curiosity-live on!